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BEVY is a delivery app for beachgoers that enables them to conveniently purchase all the necessary items needed for a perfect day at the beach!

My Role

UX Researcher UI/UX Designer

As a UX Researcher:

My responsibilities was to conduct user research, create user personas, uncover user behaviors to create user-centered designs that solve problems and add value.

As a UX Designer:

My responsibilities include conceptualizing, developing wireframes, creating mockups, and designing user interfaces, all the way up to the final product delivery.

Project Duration

March - April of 2023

With just a few taps on our application, the BEVY app presents an extensive assortment of food and beverage selections, picnic essentials, towels, sunscreen, games, and other products to cater to all your beach day needs.

Problem Statement

Many people who are at the beach become very attached to their spot and are hesitant to leave it, even if they need to purchase something. This could be due to several reasons such as fear of losing their spot, being unable to find a good spot again, or simply not wanting to go through the hassle of packing up their belongings and moving to another location.


Bevy provides a convenient solution by offering a range of products and services directly to beach-goers. This means that people can enjoy their time at the beach without having to leave their spot to buy necessities. With Bevy, customers can order food, drinks, sunscreen, towels, games, and other beach essentials from their mobile device and have them delivered right to their spot on the beach. By providing this service, Bevy enables people to fully relax and enjoy their time at the beach without any interruptions or inconvenience. It also helps to enhance the overall beach experience by providing easy access to all the essentials needed for a day at the beach.

In order to gain a better understanding of our users, we conducted qualitative research to identify their needs and pain points. We utilized social media platforms to interview a group of beachgoers and gather valuable insights.

User Persona: Kendal
Problem Statement

Kendal loves taking her two toddlers to the beach, but it can be tough getting everything ready. She worries about what they might need while they're there, because going to the beach with young kids can be challenging.

She wants their trip to be fun and easy, so she plans ahead and packs everything they might need - like sunscreen, snacks, towels, and toys - to make sure they have within her reach. But it's still stressful because she's scared of forgetting something important, and it's really frustrating when she realizes it once they're already at the beach.

  • Age: 38

  • Education: Bachelor Degree in Nursing

  • Location: Melbourne

  • Family: Widow with 2 Kids

  • Occupation: Small business owner

"Oh my goodness, this is frustrating! I left the kid's sunblock and the closest store is 10 minutes away, and I can't believe I have to pack up everything I brought, abandon the spot I spent 30 minutes securing, and carry my children. Ugh!"

Kendal is a single mom who runs her own small business, often working long hours and late nights. Sadly, she's also a widow and is raising her two young kids on her own since her husband passed away due to suicide.

To help her and her children cope with their loss, Kendal likes to take them to the beach to watch the sunset. Even though she has a lot on her plate, she makes time to go to the beach regularly. It's a way for her to de-stress from work and spend quality time with her kids while relaxing.


To have a nice and relaxed day at the beach with her kids.

To avoid worrying about the small things that may be necessary while at the beach.


Forgetting essential items

Losing her spot upon returning from purchasing refreshments

Her children's safety

By conducting a user journey map exercise, it has been revealed that Kendal's goal is to have a stress-free day at the beach with her children and not have to worry about small details. The services offered by Bevy can help Kendal achieve this goal by providing a seamless experience that allows her to fully enjoy her time at the beach without any interruptions or inconvenience.

User Persona: Brody
Problem Statement

Brody loves hanging out at the beach and setting up a spot for himself and his friends. However, he's the only reliable one in the group who comes prepared. His friends always seem to forget to bring their own sunscreen and end up using Brody's, and they often eat the snacks he brings without bringing their own. Although he doesn't mind sharing, Brody feels the pressure to always be extra prepared so that there's enough for everyone. It can be quite stressful for him to take on this responsibility alone.

Age: 25

  • Education: Freshmen in College

  • Location: Melbourne

  • Family: Oldest son in a family of 4

  • Occupation: Unemployed

"No worries man! I got chips and drinks enough for everyone. Oh shoot.. sorry this is the last drinks we have left. I guess I can always get it for you but the nearest mart is like 10 minutes away lol"

Brody is a typical Australian beachgoer who lives independently in the city after leaving his parents' house in the suburbs. He is currently in his first year of university at RMIT, studying graphic design. Despite having a busy schedule, he still manages to find time to hang out with his friends, and they all love going to the beach.


Relish food and drinks while enjoying the sunset.

Spend a considerable amount of time at the beach while playing sports with friends.


Friends who cannot be counted on to bring necessary items.

Last minute errands to make sure that he has all the necessary things.

After doing a user journey map, we found out that Brody's main aim is to spend a lot of time with his friends playing sports at the beach. He also wants to relax and enjoy some food and drinks while watching the sunset, without any stress. Bevy's services can assist Brody in achieving his goal by improving his overall beach experience, making it easy for him to get all the necessary items required for a great day at the beach.

Design Process

User Flow

Following the completion of our user research, we began the design process by generating a user flow.

Paper Wireframes

Making multiple iterations of every screen of the application on paper ensured that the features included in the digital wireframes were well-suited to tackle the user's pain points. In the case of the home screen, I gave priority to a speedy and effortless ordering process to assist users in saving time. I dedicated time to creating a user-friendly onboarding and setup procedure for a spending tracker application, providing a clear, step-by-step guidance to assist users in initiating their expense tracking.

Digital Wireframes

In addition to ensuring compatibility with assistive technologies, it was essential to address the user's need for effortless navigation in the design. Thus, the initial stage of the app's onboarding process is of utmost importance. It should be straightforward, and users should be informed of what to expect next while guiding them through the process of placing their first delivery order for beach essentials or refreshments, thereby enhancing their beach experience.

Low-fidelity Prototype

Once the digital wireframes were completed, I created a low-fidelity prototype, with a focus on the onboarding flow, which is the initial stage of the user flow.

Since I believe that the first impression is crucial, I aimed to attract potential users by emphasizing that the Bevy app is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use!

Usability Findings

I carried out two sets of usability assessments. The discoveries from the initial study directed the design process from wireframes to mockups. In the second assessment, a high-fidelity prototype was utilized to identify the areas of the mockups that required improvement.

Refining the Design

During the second usability study, I took steps to improve the overall user experience by eliminating unnecessary elements, rewording button labels, and incorporating visuals for greater clarity. Additionally, I enhanced the navigation buttons to further streamline the user's journey and introduced an account page that enables users to create and update their personal information.

High-fidelity Mockups

A straightforward onboarding procedure and streamlined user experience. The app's user interface is easy to understand, making it effortless to navigate. Although users can create an account if they wish, the app is accessible and open to anyone without requiring an account.

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